How to Create a Logo with Shopify Hatchful (Logo Maker Generator)

Did you hear about the new logo maker generator launched by Shopify – Hatchful? Read and discover how to use this tool and create your own logo!

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Yes, it is true – Shopify has launched a new logo maker Hatchful and it is pretty amazing. The tool is already being used by 140.000 business owners and we must say we are impressed as this number says a lot.

If you have used a logo maker generator before, you know that the process of using one is quite simple. If you want to create your own slogan and logo by using Shopify Hatchful here are the steps you need to remember:

  • Select your business industry
  • Choose your visual style from Shopify’s range (for example, you can choose classic or calm)
  • Enter your company name and your slogan
  • Choose where your logo will be used (for example, you can choose online-only or physical stores)
  • Choose a free or a premium template from Shopify’s template database
  • Customize the template you’ve chosen in the Shopify editor

Unlike other logo maker generator tools, you don’t need to be a paid-up member to edit your logo. Another thing we like about Shopify is that all Shopify logo packages include high-quality and high-resolution images, as well as, versions for social media accounts.

When it comes to the logo templates, they are designed by talented developers and are created specifically for Shopify. This, for example, is not guaranteed on other platforms. The templates are unique, modern, and professional. The color palettes, fonts, icons, and templates Shopify offers is really impressive.

As we already mentioned, Shopify does have free versions, however, they don’t look as good or as professional as the premium designs. The premium designs cost $9.99. You need to keep in mind that some templates don’t support slogans and if your company has a tagline, this can be a problem. Why? Well, because you will have to go into a logo’s editor and come back again to discover if it supports taglines.

Are there any downsides of using Shopify Hatchful?

One downside we’ve noticed is that you can’t preview the design in various formats. For example, you can’t see what your logo would look like on business cards or on flyers.

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There are favicons included in any logo package which is a nice gesture. Favicons are small images that represent your website in the URL bar. If you are running an online business, using a customized favicon can make your logo stand out from the crowd. Shopify’s new logo maker generator is a great option if your brand uses social media. Each package includes tailored logo designs for all popular social media platforms. These platforms have different image specifications, and having a custom-made image for each one can make your brand look unique and very professional.

Even though Shopify Hatchful is a great tool and one of our favorites – especially if you are in the United Kingdom-, there are some other logo makers you can use. Tailor Brands is another great logo maker generator and they can design the logo for you. Instead of you scrolling through different icons searching for the perfect one, they have an algorithm that can generate options and ideas based on how you answer the questions. You need to enter your company or your brand name, add your business industry, select a logotype, select your favorite font, and Tailor Brand will design the logo for you. You can customize the logo by using the Tailor Brands editor.

Creating your own logo has never been easier! Take advantage of the logo maker generator tools and create the logo of your dreams.

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